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New for Israeli investors

Escort program Unique Of real estate and for that matter - operates a real estate forum"United States Real Estate, which will lead you personally,
Hand in hand to achieve your goals.

You wanted to generate passive income but were afraid, and rightly so, to enter an unfamiliar foreign area?

Have you signed up for expensive courses and study programs?

All the courses you did were for theory only?

Have you purchased a property first and encountered problems?

Today more and more investors are choosing the safe path of investing along with a professional and skilled personal mentor.

A mentor on our behalf will guide and accompany you so that your investment path takes off and produces the profitability you expected to receive.

Everything you wanted to know about American real estate:
We will learn that from you, and more

Not just a theory:

We will accompany you until the goal is achieved

Competitive price: Only $ 5000 per track!
Our team will be at your disposal for an equal price for every pocket

Problems with tenants or with authorities:

We will guide you on solutions and prevention methods

Because our escort program will allay all your concerns as new investors in American real estate, responsibly!

Because this is how you will create your first breakthrough that will lead you to financial independence

Online study and mentoring program, personally guided by professional mentors
And experienced, who will give you all the tools, knowledge and help in order
Fulfill your real estate aspirations and dreams.

On our revolutionary plan

We at Real Estate and Interest, the operator of the successful United States Real Estate Forum, have set ourselves the goal of training successful real estate investors instead of filling classrooms. Therefore we decided to build a training program focusing on personal treatment, because only such a program We conducted, will lead to the success of the participants.

Learning is done online and takes place once a week in an intimate online group, and then throughout the week in a closed Facebook support group.

A professional and experienced mentor guides the group all the way. 
Each quarter a mentor will choose to chair the meetings in the coming quarter. One-time joining allows for active participation in the mentor you have chosen, and viewing all of the following mentors.

Our mentors are highly experienced in accompanying even the inexperienced among you, up to locating, analyzing and closing deals. If you already have knowledge in the field, also enjoy mentors who specialize in specific topics, for example flips, multi-family, AirBNB, etc. 

Throughout the process, you will receive a comprehensive response and assistance, as well as throughout the course of the real estate transaction that you will make if it is made during the course of the study, and then in the Facebook group. This program will move you toward the long-awaited economic freedom.

Added value we have examined and found exists in online learning groups: Group connection often leads to close friendships and partnerships even after the online meetings are over, which also directly helps the business development of each and every one in the field. So your success is guaranteed!

What do you get in the program

  • Two months of intensive study with a leading mentor
  • A closed group of students who receive full guidance online
    For answers to questions, problems and more. And access to a closed support group for life!
  • Mentors with actual experience of hundreds of transactions
  • Access to content, support and recordings for 12 months (possibility to continue an annual subscription) - every quarter watching a different mentor in one registration in the Plus program.
  • Current study material and live examples from the field.
  • Participation in live discussions with personal accompaniment.

The structure of the lesson

Each session will last between three and four hours, and will include:

    • learning new material.
    • Questions and answers about the studied material.
    • Bringing live examples from the field accompanied by photos and videos, from the mentor's personal experience.
    • Checking the personal progress of each participant and giving tasks for the next meeting.
    • The structure of the lessons will be adapted to the unique curriculum of each mentor.

You can view the curricula of the various mentors on the mentors pages on the site.

You can also coordinate a consultation call with us by leaving details in the referral form. 

In these pages we have listed for your convenience the professional background of each mentor and the curriculum offered by the mentor

We have compiled answers to frequently asked questions for you:

Would you like to receive more explanations from the mentor after the meeting? No problem.

In our real estate company and in the matter, great importance is attached to group interaction, so our meetings are held online in an open and fruitful discussion for all members of the group.

We believe that the best way to learn is to share as much knowledge as possible.

Group answers to questions are an essential part of the learning process and the dynamics that are created between the students, so any questions or clarifications you would like to receive from the mentor regarding any topic, you can refer as part of the meeting, or in the closed support forum on Facebook. 

Did you miss a meeting?

Not bad, access to the recordings of all the meetings that took place in the study system on the website.

Watch the recording, catch up on tasks and arrive at the next meeting ready.

As mentioned, you can also use the dedicated forum on Facebook for this purpose.

Is there a change or cancellation of the meeting date?

You will receive an email notification of any change in the meeting date.

In addition, you can easily be updated in the support forum on the site and in the Facebook forum. 

For technical support and questions about the program, contact us using the referral form

How to begin

Introductory meeting

The first session of the program is an introductory session, and all program registrants are given the option to cancel and a full refund if you do not wish to continue so you have no risk in registering.

In this session, the mentor will explain the unique plan he has built and answer any technical questions regarding the operation of the system.

MentorMind nuclear track

When you register for the program, you receive full support - sharing a camera, microphone, tracking your personal progress, tracking homework and more.

Continuation students track

All students enrolled in the MentorMind Plus track will be able to enjoy these benefits for life:
  • Access to all past and future recordings of all mentormind programs at a cost of only $600 per year.
  • In addition to those who register for the extended program, access at the same annual cost to our comprehensive real estate course worth $1000 and recordings of all study tracks, Access to the file database on the site containing about 600 real estate files, interviews, recordings from all Nadlan Expo meetings, property arenas for sale, consulting groups with real estate experts, a real estate university with dozens of topics and more. 
  •  The Mentormind Support follow-up program will include continued access to the recordings, the study materials, the closed Facebook group for continued support, and a one-hour weekly zoom for questions and answers and transaction analysis.

For your convenience, the following is a summary of our two routes
The base route and the extended route

 Base routeExtended routeThe extended route after 3 months
Online personal escort or viewing only and chat questionsPersonal accompanimentPersonal accompanimentView only and chat questions
Sending questions during mentoringYesYesYes, in chat only and the mentor will answer at the appropriate time
Who can see the questions askedEveryoneEveryoneEveryone
Option to send a private message to another apprentice or mentorYesYesYes
Access to chat during mentoringYesYesYes
Access to on-screen presentationsYesYesYes
Personal progress trackingYesYesNo
Personal mentoringYesYesNo
Task trackingYesYesNo
Accompanying transactionsYesYesNo
Receipt of a full bonus packageNoYesThe approach remains at a maintenance cost of $ 50 per month
Access to the recording database of all mentorsAccess to recordings of the 2020 cycle and beyondYes, including access to recordings of all past cyclesThe approach remains at a maintenance cost of $ 50 per month
Our official real estate course as a gift with over 70 recordings in 20 areas and access to a closed study group for course members for life!NoYesThe approach remains at a maintenance cost of $ 50 per month
Access to the transaction sites on the site of any U.S. stateNoYesThe approach remains at a maintenance cost of $ 50 per month
Full access to interviews with real estate expertsNoYesThe approach remains at a maintenance cost of $ 50 per month
Full access to the recorded lectures of the Nadlan Expo conferences held by a real estate company and to the matter with dozens of first-rate lecturersNoYesThe approach remains at a maintenance cost of $ 50 per month
Access to a database of about 600 real estate files on the site - contracts, agreements,
Letters to tenants, calculation sheets, calculators and more.
NoYesThe approach remains at a maintenance cost of $ 50 per month
Full access to the Nafdia real estate website - the real estate encyclopedia with thousands of topicsNoYesThe approach remains at a maintenance cost of $ 50 per month
Access to online calculatorsNoYes, currently in developmentThe approach remains at a maintenance cost of $ 50 per month
Access to the mentors' counseling group on FacebookYes - for life!Yes - for life!Yes - for life!
Access to the consulting groups of hundreds of entrepreneurs and real estate experts on the siteYesYesYes
Access to tens of thousands of posts and articles on the site in 12 languagesYesYesYes
$ 500 discount on closing costs when purchasing a property from the mentorYesYesYes
Backup of the forum in the purchase processYesYesYes
Possibility to advance to the extended routeOnly at the time of purchaseOnly at the time of purchaseOnly at the time of purchase
Possibility to advance to a one-on-one personal mentoring trackYes, according to the mentor's opinionYes, according to the mentor's opinion
cost5000 dollars7000 dollars$ 50 per month to maintain the extended route.

Extended track participants will enjoy exclusive bonuses:

  • Database of 577 real estate files
    Access to hundreds of real estate files in all areas - contracts, agreements, letters to tenants, spreadsheets, calculators and more.
    Benefit value $ 865,500 (based on $ 1000 per file)
  • Our official real estate course as a gift - over 70 recordings in 20 areas and access to a closed study group for course members
    For lifetime ! Course value ₪ 3400 ($ 1000)
  • An educational subscription to the site that includes interviews with real estate experts, our recorded lectures from real estate expo meetings, property sales arenas, expert consulting groups, real estate university with dozens of topics, discounts and more.
    The value of the benefit is $ 1800 per year.

Studying in the Mentormind track

Is done with the help of Zoom software that everyone knows and loves for an easy and simple learning process

Sharing camerasYes
Free call optionYes
Sharing participant files during the mentoring process and chattingYes
Download files and tasks shared by the mentorYes
Watch the recordings immediately at the end of the mentoring process on the siteYes

Our mentors

Gal Schmuckler

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Gal developed the field of buying properties by means of wholesale and within six months bought and sold over 50 off-market transactions at prices much lower than market prices.

Tal Levy

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Tal Levy is a husband, father of three and holds a master's degree in health sciences from Ben-Gurion University, a professional certificate in real estate finance from New York University (NYU) and 13 years of experience in the field of real estate as a broker and investor in the United States.

Ofir mountainous

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In this course, students will receive a lot of information at eye level, learn what and how to examine good investment offers - they will learn to identify risky offers, know how to analyze an offer, what to check and how to understand the investment.

Danny Beit-Or

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Danny Beit Or is a real estate investment expert, lecturer and mentor. Danny is currently considered a leader in residential real estate investments. For the past 16 years Danny has been a freelance real estate investor and mentored by real estate investors from around the world

Kitchen Light

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Or has studied in depth everything related to American real estate and dived into the Indianapolis market as early as 2015. Or has made dozens of real estate transactions, including a number of income-producing properties for it and especially for investors who have purchased long-term investment properties and flip transactions through it.

Nir Shinbain

To the guide page

Together with his wife Alexa - believe it or not she is a building contractor, Nir Scheinbain has set up an empire of flips in Texas, and everyone who follows them ... sees that these guys are not resting for a moment! Let's learn from Nir how to make a flip from home

Eliran Zohar

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Eliran has over 10 years of experience in the real estate field, and has managed dozens of properties for over 7 years through Airbnb.

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Information on all the hottest countries and cities in the United States today for investment, including regional information, employers, etc.

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Information on all the hottest countries and cities in the United States today for investment, including regional information, employers, etc.

The mentor for the next cycle:

First quarter cycle 2022: Gal Schmuckler

Do you have questions about the program? Fill out the form and we will get back to you soon

Student recommendations

The mentors in action

Real Smart subscription is a gift for the entire mentoring period

What is a Real Smart subscription?

  1. Real Estate Napadia - The real estate encyclopedia that includes hundreds of entries.
  2. Over 500 real estate files - Excel for calculation, files for starting a company, presentations and more.
  3. Online calculators for calculating return, BRRR and more.
  4. Dozens of educational videos and access to interviews of a panel of real estate experts!
  5. The investment arena that enables asset advertising and automatically locates assets from across the Internet.
  6. All content is translated into more than 12 languages ​​- Russian, Arabic, Chinese and more.

customers recommend

The curriculum of Gal Schmuckler and Lior Lustig for the second month's meetings

Fifth Session - How to find buyers?

  1. What are the best sources to find buyers?
  2. How do buyers market the deal?
  3. Buyer call script
  4. How do you decide what type of buyer it is?
  5. How do you sign a deal with a buyer?
  6. What do you do after the contract is signed?
  7. Interview with Disposition Manager

Seventh Session - How do you make a business out of it?

  1. How many hours of work should be spent and what to do each day?
  2. Who are the key figures needed in the company?
  3. How to employ and hire employees?
  4. How to retain good employees?
  5. How to take the initiative and develop the business?

Friday Meeting - How to handle contracts + an interview with Teitel Company 

  1. Purchase contract for seller
  2. Buyer Assignment Contract
  3. How can we not miss the deal?
  4. Common Mistakes
  5. How can contracts serve us?
  6. An interview with the owner of a large Teitel Company that will give emphasis to work for wholesalers

Eighth Session - How to Buy Properties Using Wholesale + Interview with a US Property Manager and Contractor

  1. What are the types of assets that can be reached through wholesaling?
  2. What options do we have for each type of transaction?
  3. How do you buy a deal with a minimum of equity?
  4. Can Israelis Buy Properties in the United States?
  5. How do you build a portfolio and manage it?
  6. Interview with an asset manager and contractor in the US who will give highlights for building a portfolio!